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How Coffee Helps Improve Mood

Have you ever wondered why you are so cranky before your morning coffee? Just after its aroma hits you and you take that first magical sip, you feel like you are a soul floating somewhere amongst clouds.

Wait… what is this magic potion that is a cure to grumpiness for millions of people across the globe called? It is a simple six-letter word that makes all the difference in the world and nothing can even nearly compare to its mighty effects.

You guessed it right: COFFEE! But don’t just take our word for it! Many researchers and scientific experts have proved that coffee can significantly elevate the mood of an individual just in a matter of seconds. This strong correlation between coffee and mood may seem peculiar, but we can come up with plenty of examples to prove how caffeine can work its magic to boost your mood.

Coffee has such nutrients that it can reduce the risk of cancer, lower the risk of Diabetes Type 2, Alzheimer's, and offers protection against Cirrhosis of the liver and Parkinson’s disease.

Now, after reading these benefits, it is no secret that the pros of coffee transcend the bounds of just simply improving mood. If you are looking to enhance your mood instantly, then probably you wouldn’t find a more effective remedy than a hot cup of coffee.

The caffeine in coffee directly hits the Central nervous System and stimulates primary brain nerves. This triggers the cognitive functioning of the brain. It minimizes mental fatigue, increases motivation, improves alertness and concentration so that you can streamline your focus.

Coffee is why you could pull off all-nighters in those exam weeks and keep up with high surges of stress. It is the only reason why you are prepared for the day ahead. This is the power drink for those who prefer a natural and safe alternative to energy drinks.

Enjoying 2-3 cups a day of a caffeinated drink can stimulate a positive mood. This magical drink can increase your happiness and give you pleasure.

Many studies have shown that people who have been diagnosed with depression are recommended to increase their take of coffee so that they can remain happy. This mood-booster is proven to be effective and prolific.

So, don’t forget to take your morning cup of hot coffee in whichever flavor you like, because like a true warrior, you need your drink before you head off to the battle-field every day!

Brewer's Guide

The true essence of caffeine is preserved in the way the coffee beans are brewed.

Origin brings you an aromatic natural blend of the most potent bagged coffee beans, which can be brewed in multiple ways to achieve the same perfection.

Grab a handful of our premium Blue Mountain coffee beans and savor the tasty richness through your favorite brew.

• French Press:

The manual French Press is the most common process to brewing your coffee.

Here’s how you do it: 

Add our premium roasted Jamaican coffee beans to the press  Pour piping hot water  Let the coffee steep for a while  Press the plunger down to pour You just made yourself a cup of organic tasteful Jamaican coffee!

• Single Serve:

Here’s how you do it: 

Measure out your desired coffee amount, Pour our premium coffee beans into the reusable filter  Add hot water Voila! The perfect blend of Jamaican coffee is now ready to suit your taste and style!

• Cold Brew:

If you’re looking for a soothing cold brew coffee blend, then grab a cold brew coffee maker and enjoy the great taste of our Blue Mountain premium coffee fresh and cold!

Know Your Coffee:

Pick your dose We bring you freshly roasted premium Jamaican coffee beans, to maximize your caffeine experience. Choose your favorite blend of coffee and delve your taste-buds into a naturalistic experience. Taste our unique Jamaican blend of Blue Mountain coffee today!

• Black:

As simple as it gets, grab a cup and enjoy our premium black coffee fresh out of the bag!

• Latte:

If you crave something creamy, try our coffee beans with steamed milk and a touch of foam. Add vanilla or pumpkin spice to enhance the experience!

• Cappuccino:

Basically a latte that’s foamier and creamier than milk. Enjoy the soothing taste of our Jamaican blend and the richness of creamy delight.

• Americano:

Something similar to black coffee with hot water. Perfect to kick-start your busy day!

• Lungo:

A long-pull espresso to fulfill your caffeine needs, giving you the head-start you need every morning.

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