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Awaken and brighten your skin care routine with this perfected curated blend. Equal parts nourishment and repair, combined with exfoliation and rejuvenation. Unlike other exfoliants, this one is gentle enough for daily use. Expect glowing and grateful skin after immediate and continued application. Best for dry, oily or combination skin. 


Caffeine - stimulates blood flow to reduce the appearance of cellulite and stretch marks

Raw aloe vera - soothes and moisturizes skin

Vitamin E oil – protects and repairs damaged skin

Raw oatmeal – for extra exfoliation and nourishment

Rosehip seed oil - rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin A, it promotes healthy, radiant skin.

Guarana seed powder – gives a boost of energy and alertness to your skin

Coffee Face Scrub 8oz

  • Ground Blue Mountain Coffee beans

    Raw Aloe Vera

    Vitamin E Oil

    Raw Oatmeal

    Rosehip seed oil

    Guarana Seed Powder

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